Cancer, Lipids in Black People, Water Before Bed | THRR060

Coffee & Electrolytes, Cancer Diet Recommendation?, Lipids in Black People, Should I Increase My Carb Intake?, Water Before Bed

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Over 100 Scientists, Doctors, & Leading Authorities Call For Increased Vitamin D Use To Combat COVID-19 Scientific evidence indicates vitamin D reduces infections & deaths

1. Coffee & Electrolytes  [15:26]

Valerie says:

Hey Robb & Nikki!

I’ve read on the web that coffee depletes (or can deplete) electrolytes. Is this accurate? And if so, is it because it’s a diuretic?

Thanks for all that you do! Been following you since 2013 when I first read the Paleo Solution and it “cured” my Crohn’s disease. Have a good one