My wellness wonders for 2021

My wellness wonders for 2021

What would January be without a health surge? These are my top picks for the year ahead   

1 The workout

Meet apple Fitness+

It was only a matter of time before Apple launched an exercise platform, right? This is a new home workout experience, powered by the Apple Watch and viewed on iPhone or iPad. Classes are from beginner to advanced with world-class trainers in cycling, running, rowing, HIIT, yoga, dance and core strength. Multiple new workouts are available each week, plus playlists to keep you motivated. It’s £9.99 a month or £79.99 for a year (which you can share with five family members).





2 The fitness kit

Try the Core Master

I’m hoping for a six-pack thanks to this, devised by trainer Dean Varga. It looks like a wobble board with a ball in the middle and handles. You do a range of exercises on it, from press-ups to planks. The instability means your core gets a harder, deeper workout. £149.95,

3 The tipple

Fermented fizz, anyone?

Fermented drinks that help your microbiome are set to boom. Remedy Kombucha (from £1.99, from Tesco), a sweet tea full of live bacteria, tastes great without the usual sugary hit of fizzy drinks. And my favourite, Agua de Madre Kefir Water (£23.70 for six bottles, is made with fermented cactus.



4 The healthy eating plan 

Will you go pegan?

What do you get if you cross a paleo diet with vegan? The Pegan Diet, of course. This is the name of a new book by internationally respected physician Dr Mark Hyman. With a ‘food is medicine’ approach, Dr Hyman combines the best bits of a plant-based diet (lots of vegetables) and the paleo (good fats, limited refined carbs) to create a new way of eating that is truly beneficial for brain and body. The Pegan Diet will be published by Yellow Kite on 25 February, price £14.99*.  





5 The soul goals

sensitivity is in…

…and will be seen as a superpower. Next month clairvoyant Emma Lucy Knowles’s new book The Life-Changing Power of Intuition (Pop Press, £12.99*) will tap into your subtle inner powers. Motivational speaker Anita Moorjani’s Sensitive is the New Strong (Yellow Kite, £14.99*) follows in March, and sings the power of empathy.  







6 The accessory

The woke waterbotte

Being plastic-free isn’t enough: your bottle needs wellbeing and eco credentials, too. Enter the Waterdrop Starter Set (£29.90,, which has a glass bottle and vitamins to add to your drink.

Also Ocean Bottle (£40,; proceeds from each sale pay for the collection of 1,000 plastic bottles littering the world.    

*To order at discounted prices until 17 January, go to or call 020 3308 9193. Free delivery on orders over £15. @susannahtaylor_